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That having a Legal Nurse Consultant review your medical malpractice or injury cases can save an attorney hundreds of dollars in unbillable time?

Certified Legal Nurse Consultants (CLNC’s) are registered nurses who have expertise in the healthcare system and are able to analyze complex medical records involved in medical malpractice, personal injury, insurance defense or production liability case. They review your case quickly, provide expert opinion on its merits, determine damages that may warrant further investigation and identify errors resulting in lasting harm to the patient.

The nursing expertise at Paige Legal Nurse Consulting has helped many attorneys evaluate and develop their medical malpractice and injury cases. Our attorneys value our comprehensive summaries of the case facts they can quickly review, understand, and put into action. By using our services, they are free to continue working on current cases and ultimately successfully litigate or settle those cases determined to have merit.

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