Stop Drowning in Disorganization

Medical Records Organization

You have a case that has volumes and volumes of  disorganized, chaotic records coming in that need to be put into order. You need an organized final record for your case including defense records that have been sent.

MEDICAL RECORDS often arrive in huge volumes and disorganization. When the records are received they rarely come as a full complete record , it’s important to identify missing records that are needed to fully assess the case. A comprehensive checklist of all records typically included in a nursing home record helps to identify missing areas when reviewing your case. [Helpful resource -nursing home records ]  This is important as you move forward on meritorious cases to identify records that need to be requested and track as you get those requested records in. tracking all records as received in a comprehensive index also helps to keep this information in an organized and efficient manner . 


  • You are drowning in disorganized medical records.
  • Medical records come in faster than your staff can organize them.
  • You need an organized, comprehensive way to index all new and incoming records as the case progresses.
  • Your medical experts tell you they want organized medical records, but you don’t have the resources to send them that way.
  • You wonder if your Expert witness bills are higher than they should be because the experts are wading through unorganized medical records.
  • You find it frustrating to try to locate a key piece of information in the records.
  • Your support staff are spending their time putting records into order, when they could be doing something else to help you.

Having a systematic way to organize records in cases provides multiple benefits. Medical records organized in a way that makes information easy and efficient to locate helps not only the attorneys but experts and others who will be reviewing records as case development occurs. Facts and information are more easily found and correlated to events of the case when you have an efficiently organized record.

It’s also important to have organized records as you move through the case and start to receive defense produced records. To have a systematic and organized way to review, compare and create a final complete record may be labor-intensive but crucial.

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