Nursing Home Case Review

Nursing Home Case Review

Nursing home case records typically arrive in a jumbled, disorganized mess making the review of records more difficult. If it is a case you are pursuing, it will be beneficial to organize it. We get the records organized and bookmarked for you. This will expedite the review of records as well as helping you find information later when you, the attorney are reviewing the records.

Nursing home cases often involve falls, missed or improperly treated infection,  sepsis development, or pressure injury development. It is not as simple as just seeing if the nurse has documented a fall or the development of a new pressure injury identified. There are many areas that need to be analyzed and looked at in each of these scenarios.

An unhappy family member contacted our attorney client, a plaintiff attorney, because her mother had fallen and in her after care, developed a severe Stage 3 pressure injury wound while in a subacute facility. Our attorney client asked us to perform a merit screen.

We reviewed records to identify presence of any pre-existing conditions, any pertinent charting inconsistencies, missing records, and strengths and weakness regarding liability. We concluded there were several charting inconsistencies, poor nursing documentation and insufficient planning of care, along with insufficient assessment of ongoing care and worsening pressure injury. This resident had suffered in pain with her long, slow healing of her substantial pressure injury wound. Based on our review and findings, the attorney-client decided to pursue the case. 

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Kind Words

It has been my distinct pleasure to be working with Christie Paige and Paige Legal Nurse Consulting. She and her team are assisting our firm with a nursing home negligence case that presents some sophisticated medical issues. While this is my first opportunity to work with her team, it certainly won’t be the last. She has demonstrated a wide breadth of knowledge regarding the specific issues at play in our case and in the nursing field in general. I spent time – and sadly funds – working with two other nurse consultants for this case prior to landing with Paige’s services. The prior consultants came well recommended by other attorneys, however, their approach and finished product was nowhere near as in depth as Paige’s. Some of the medical issues in this case were unique to me, resulting in a pretty steep learning curve. Nonetheless, Christie has been very thorough in educating me through the issues. I have been thoroughly impressed with the case evaluations, medical timelines, and reports she and her team have prepared for my case. She has been very prompt in her responses, which is something that I cannot say for most experts and consultants I've dealt with. Moreover, her prices are quite reasonable. Paige’s consulting service has a wide network of well-vetted experts that she has worked with before, which makes the expert selection process far less stressful. Christy Paige has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Her knowledge base, experience, and ability to organize complex facts and issues simply has me looking forward to continuing to with her group on this case and many others!
James Valbrun. Esq.
Valbrun Law Group, LLC

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