Personal Injury Medical Case Evaluation

Personal Injury Medical Case Evaluation

Personal injury cases can involve falls, car crashes, motor vehicle accident(MVA), or any condition where an injury occurred. Concise analysis on personal injury cases are crucial to building your case. In your cases, we will explain strengths and weaknesses related to liability, causation, and damages. Also important, we identify inconsistencies in the records and create an injury list, noting new or aggravated pre-existing conditions as well as identify missing records that may be beneficial to request for all information needed.

In an example of this, our attorney client asked us to look at the case of George G., a man who fell and was later involved in a motor vehicle accident. Our client wanted us to define which injuries and symptoms resulted from the MVA versus those that could be attributed to the earlier fall. This helps to separate out prior existing medical history and clearly identify injuries related to the MVA.

We developed an injury list clearly defining pre-existing injuries and injuries occurring with the MVA. We identified potentially aggravated pre-existing conditions as well to give a full overview. Case analysis of all issues and injuries as well as the strengths and weaknesses were identified for the client to use in potential mediation sessions. Our clearly outlined report assisted our attorney client in settling this case for the policy limits for their client.

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