Pressure Injury Wounds

Pressure Injury Wounds

Pressure injury wounds, whether occurring in the hospital or a skilled facility setting can be serious and debilitating injuries, creating pain and suffering for the patient or resident. More than 1 in 10 nursing home residents has had a pressure injury wound. Each year 60,000 patients die as a direct result of pressure injury wounds. Patients living with pressure injury wounds suffer the burden of pain and decreased quality of life.

Our dedicated team of professional nurses are highly skilled and educated in wound care to identify if appropriate wound care was done for pressure wounds, whether at the hospital or nursing facility.

When analyzing a pressure injury wound case, it is not as simple as seeing if the nurse has documented a new pressure injury identified. There are many areas that need to be analyzed and looked at in each of these scenarios with causation and liability reviewed. Whether the case occurs in a hospital or a skilled facility, nursing standards of care apply. Identifying any breaches in the standard of care is paramount.

We can identify the minor pressure injury wounds that occurred and healed as well as thorough review of more serious Stage III, Stage IV, and deep tissue injuries (DTI), stating any breaches in the nursing standard of care that may have occurred.

Not all pressure wounds are a result of malpractice and we quickly point this out if found to be the case. For instance, terminal patients at the end of life may get pressure wounds known as Kennedy Terminal Ulcers. These occur often in the end of life as the skin breaks down as part of the dying process. This would be an important fact to assess in a pressure injury case as the attorney would not want to pursue this case.

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