At Paige Legal Nurse Consulting, we provide the medical and nursing expertise which is critical to achieving a successful outcome for your clients. With our insider’s perspective on medical and nursing issues, we are able to combine our expertise to work collaboratively with your legal practice. Our professional services will enable you to develop your cases quickly and cost-effectively.

How We Help Attorneys

Services Available

  • Perform analysis of client medical records.
  • Analyze and present case strengths and weaknesses.
  • Organize pertinent data in chronological order and highlight areas of concern.
  • Professionally evaluate cause and damages sustained.
  • Search for standards of care observed in medical documentation for malpractice cases.
  • Perform medical and case specific research.
  • Present at client interviews and intervenes when necessary.
  • Attend independent medical exams.
  • Help attorneys prepare for deposition.
  • Help to resolve ethical issues.
  • Build the attorney’s medical library
  • Serve as a nurse expert witness.

medical record review services

Assess Medical Records and Analyze the Case

Learn more about our abilities to review and analyze medical records

Support the Attorney's Case

We can help you by with preparing your medical related cases
medical record review services

Serve as the Attorney's Liaison

We work on your behalf to find, interview, consult with all the medical personnel involved in your cases.
medical record review services

Work with Experts and Other Witnesses

  • Locate and interface with expert witnesses.
  • Communicate with potential testifying experts.
  • Analyze and compare expert witness reports and other work products.
  • Help prepare witnesses and experts for deposition and trial.
  • Serve as an expert witness and testify to the nursing standard of care.

medical record review services

Assist with Discovery and Preparation for Court

  • Prepare deposition and trial questions.
  • Prepare interrogatories.
  • Review and draft responses to various legal documents and correspondence for the attorney’s signature.
  • Review, analyze and summarize depositions, including past testimony.
  • Assist in exhibit preparation.
  • Attend depositions, trials, review panels and arbitration and mediation hearings.
  • Coordinate and assist in facilitating focus groups and mock trials.
  • Assist in resolution of cases through alternative dispute resolution, such as arbitration and mediation